The “perdiz roja” (Alectoris rufa) of Spain, holds a special place in the hearts of international shot gunners and it is considered one of the most challenging and difficult game bird in the world.
The habitat for the red legged partridge are the rocky hillsides, dry grasslands and cultivated lands. The plumage of both sexes are similar to other members of the genus. This species has a white forehead and a broken black line on the neck and throat which distinguishes them from the other Alectoris species. The flanks are also more barred with brown and buff, mixed with white. The males have small spurs and are slightly larger than the females. The speed and height of the red-legged partridge varies depending on the wind and terrain.
The traditional Spanish shoot is a driven shoot. Beaters flush the birds over a distance and drive them past a line of shooters. The birds will come flying fast and quick over the hill therefore you will have a loader and a secretary to carry your shells, shotguns, set up your blind, etc. so your only job is to shoot, because shooting is fast and furious!

Groups of 6 to 12 hunters are normal for these hunts, and they bag approximately 500 to 700 birds/day.

Season August 15th – April 30th

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