Welcome to Salvaforcaza! We are a company specialized in the Spanish Ibex hunting trips and driven hunts for Red Legged Partridge. Owners of the best  ibex hunting areas and we are proud to say that every year we exceed our expectations on what the trophies quality refers In our desire to offer the hunter the best trophy we are constantly adding new unexplored hunting areas.

As outfitters for ibex in Spain, we have available around 200 ibex permits each season. We organize hunting trips for the Spanish Grand Slam ibex -100% wild animals; as well as combo hunts with different big game species available throughout the country such as: wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, chamois, audad sheep, mouflon and much more.

Apart of the hunt, Spain has a lot more to offer, such as its rich and varied gastronomy, excellent red wine, flamenco, bull fights, cathedrals, museums, and the beauty of the mountains small villages.

Hope this small introduction will help you to decide to put Trip to Spain on your wish to do list! We will do our best to make you feel home away from home!

Book your next hunt with us and you will experience one of the best hunt ever!

Salva Monforte

Founder & Owner of  Salvaforcaza

Salva Monforte


(+34) 964 241 848 – (+34) 670 765 336



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