When you plan your hunting trip, a lot of questions and doubts usually come to your mind: Will someone wait for me at the airport? , Where do I stay? , What if I decide not to travel with my own gun? What happens if I wound the animal? And much more..

Well we have the answers for you.


  • Airport transfer
  • Assistance at the custom to clear your gun
  • Road transport during the hunt
  • Road transport during the hunt
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Rifle rental and ammunition
  • Tracking dogs for the wounded animals
  • Hunting license and insurance
  • All the necessary permits for the hunt
  • Taxidermy preparation
  • Shipping of the trophies to destination
  • Tourism and sightseeing programs for non hunters

If you decide to travel with your own gun you should know that:

In order to bring your gun to Spain, the Spanish authorities require a Certificate from the Spanish Consulate in your country in Spanish language. You can apply for it at the Spanish Consulate of your State ( and tell them you are going to hunt in Spain. You will have to send them a copy of your passport, a copy of your hunting license in the USA and your gun details you are planning to use in Spain (brand, caliber, serial number).

When you arrive at the airport, you have to collect your luggage, cross Customs and go through the sliding doors where a member of our staff will be waiting for you and help you with all the procedures both at your arrival and your departure.

If you want to avoid all these procedures and make your trip more relaxed without headaches we can provide a suitable rifle here.

Recommended calibers: 7mm Rem. Mag., 300, 270, 30-06 or similar.

If you are a bow hunter, you don’t need any special permit.