SALVAFORCAZA – is a company specialized in the Spanish ibex hunt with over more than 20 years of experience; wich have offered through out all these years memorable hunting experiences to Americans and Europeans sportsmen and sportswomen.

PH & Outfitter, Salva Monforte

Was raised in a family with a strong passion for hunting, influenced by his father and elder borthers. He started his hunting adventures with the bird shooting and at age of 20 he made his first international hunting in Canada for Caribou and Black Bear. Through out his 28th years as a hunter he traveled and hunted in four of the five Continets.

As a professional hunter he guided more then one thousand hunters for Spanish Ibex.  Between these over thousand hunters he had the pleasure and honor to guide nine of the world’s  famous and recognized hunters- Weatherby Awards, who’s experience tought him values like humility and respect for the wildlife.

Forever greatful to his father for everything he tought him.




Salva Monforte




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