MOUFLON (Ovis orientalis musimon)


It originated on the islands of Corsica, Sardina, and Cyprus, but has been introduced in much of Europe. Like most wild sheep, the mouflon lives in mountainous terrain, usually above the tree line or in mountain meadows.


The mouflon is thought to be one of two original ancestors of all modern day sheep.
It has a red-brown color with a dark area along its back, and lighter colored side patches. Its underparts are white as well as the bottom half of their legs. It has a white muzzle and white circles around its eyes.
The males and females have horns, but those of the males are larger. The curved, spiral horns are usually around 25 inches in length and are arch back over its head. The mouflon’s horns don’t flare out at the end as most wild sheep’s do. The size of a male mouflon’s horns determines his status in the group. Mouflon have a shoulder height of about 0.9 meters and a body weight of 50 kg (males) and 35 kg (females).


October 12th – February 8th.